Audio books, racy reads for the rains and a book brunch.

May 2022

College stories, Caste, Ukraine again and a Birthday Party

March 2022

5 books on Russia Ukraine, a must read tech thriller & the IIM Women go to the Jaipur Lit Fest
6 must read books on women, Ira Mukhoty on why princesses matter & the Bombay Feminist Book Club

February 2022

Historical fiction from Georgia, 2 must-reads on Time Management & inviting you to a conversation with Anindita Ghose

January 2022

Learning conflict management through a story, the best sports memoir, a time travel novella and travel fiction from our reader of the fortnight.

December 2021

Books I've loved this year, Part 2, a real life evil empire, a college admissions novel , gut wrenching books, comforting books
Audit your reading life, construct your to-be-read(TBR) list with our 2021 best reads Part 1
Understanding China through the Yangtze, best river books, Reader of the Fortnight Vikram Achanta

November 2021

4 must reads on race, how reading can help your job, revamping your reading life

October 2021

How to get rich, the psychology of money & prize winners
A controversial book, Pakistan & Korea stories, a literary spat